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Hey everybody! Here are some of the reviews for The Thrive Life book so far:

“Thomas Winterman has written an excellent book to help people live a more enriched, fulfilled life. This book can be used as a self-help resource or as a tool for therapists to use with their clients. I highly recommend this book.” – Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S, and world-renowned speaker on play therapy.

“As one of hundreds of anonymous members on an online professional therapists’ group I was included in a free offer to read Thomas Winterman’s book. Generally, I pass self-help books by, as I am motivated to read ones which add a greater knowledge base in order to help other people change. Thinking it might be a good resource to offer one of my daughters’ I decided to bite. I’m not quite 1/3rd through it and I’ve already forwarded it to most of my small family. It’s a book about change, in how we think and behave, much like the work I do as a therapist, and the work I have done as a therapy client. the thrive life has 3 parts. Part I- Who You Are,  ‘Part II- Who You Want To Be, and Part III- Journey.
In Part I you’re asked to say you’re name out loud. I did, several times, and felt the tension in my chest bloom into true sadness. Wait!  What?!? I’ve had a decade of therapy! I know everything I need to about me! I’m really content in my life!!!  So what the hell IS this sensation? Continuing to read,  the author predicts this very reaction. hmmmm! I think back to one his opening paragraphs; Our life is not about ‘arriving’, but continuing to set the bar higher. My definition of ‘thriving’ I realize, has been turned outward: looking for ways to help my client’s and when necessary, my family reach their own goals, since I’m OK now. My personal bar, evidently, needs updating. So it’s only chapter 1:  I’ve had a visceral reaction and I’m re-thinking my future.  At 61 and a seasoned change agent,  I’m  frankly surprised that after reading, (what’s a good word for ‘more than dozens and less than hundreds’ of)  books, I’m relating to (1/3rd one on such a personal level.
While this ‘review’ is not a litany of what the book is about: ‘Look Inside’ is all you need for that, it is a brief testimony to how well the author was able to meta-morph his experience and philosophy into a highly relate-able text for this veteran of theoretical change. Kudos Mr. Winterman. I will recommend to clients.. More important, I will think about where I want to go/grow.” – Sharon

“I would be a hypocrite if I did not like this book because I studied with Albert Ellis for decades, took seminars with William Glasser, and write about many of the same techniques and theories Thomas outlines on my website: Holistic Divorce Counseling. What I especially like about this book is Thomas’s inviting, motivating, open, self-revealing, friendly tone, all of which engage you from the first page. He has a special knack for taking theoretical concepts and making them simple and accessible. But as the Chinese say: Simple not easy. Thomas reminds us throughout his book that all the tools he suggests are initially hard to adopt. That said, they can become second nature with practice. Though the style may seem a bit breezy, don’t be fooled: this book offers concise, clear-cut, strategies to change your life while cheering you on through every step.” – Nicole

“Motivational and uplifting with true easy to adapt into ones life, is my description of “The Thrive Life”.  I would suggest keeping a copy in your car for It is especially handy for those days when all seems to be overwhelming.  I can see this book helping many change their perspective and use the tools that are so well presented. “The Thrive LIfe” is a map toward change with motivational support along the way.  From cover to cover, it reads like a conversation with a dear friend who is walking right beside through change.  I would encourage the purchase of this book by anyone seeking to make changes in their life or helping others to make changes.  “The Thrive Life” is intellectually stimulating and an easy read!” – Trish

“I read ‘The Thrive Life’ from cover to cover.  Thomas Winterman writes as if he is having a conversation with the reader.  His book is loaded with common sense and he offers practical advice for living life to it’s fullest.  Most people go through life giving little thought to the consequences of their everyday actions and decisions.  Prioritizing is imperative to making choices that improve our lives, and Thomas helps to streamline this process.  An easy read that can have a significant impact on how you conduct your life.  I highly recommend this book!” – Anna

“The Thrive Life will cause you to slow down and actually think about your life, where you are and who you can become. Thomas shares witty stories and his own life story in order to help us realize that change is possible and there is hope for us all. Bottom Line: this book offers the tools to effect personal change. The Catch: you must do the work in order to effect real change.
Thomas offers encouragement throughout the book and helps his readers to understand that change is hard, so we need to be easy on ourselves. I recommend this book to those wanting to grow personally. The exercises in this book actually work. Be sure to stick it out for the last chapter too; there’s a pleasant surprise twist to understanding how to live a Thrive Life!” – Jonathon

“As a fellow therapist and professional in the field of psychology, I must say that I will be recommending this book to the clients I work with, my own family members and friends. The value it holds is in the fact that the writer has taken several psychological concepts and theories and organized them into practical interventions for the reader. I found myself challenged to re-evaluate my own goals and use the concepts of this book to re-write them. It left me with a fresh dose of motivation to better myself.  “The Thrive Life” is practical, organized, methodical and leaves you encouraged and challenged to take control of your life. It takes what can be such an overwhelming tasks and provides you with the insights and practical steps you need to make it happen.  It appeals to readers across a broad spectrum ranging from a professional in the field of psychology to someone simply looking to better themselves with no prior knowledge of psychological concepts. This book is one that will be added to my shelf and revisited over the years. Its a wise investment into yourself, your relationships and your future.” – Kimberly

“The Thrive life is not the same type of “make goals” book which currently flood the market.  The author  uses his  life experiences and how he used these steps himself  to work toward making positive changes in his own life.  Instead of telling the reader what they “should” do in order to change, he gives them encouragement,  a little humor and lots of  insight with  easy , step by step ways of  successfully becoming who they want to be.  Many people want to make changes but have no real idea of how to make those first steps.  This book helps guide them in the right direction.  I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get out of their rut, and  positive changes in their lives.” – Lisa

“The Thrive Life is a well-written and easy to follow plan for change. I haven’t made it through all of the exercises yet but the ones I have done have really helped my life. Just changing my mindset about my goals has helped me feel better. This book has really helped me and my outlook on life! I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.” – Katelyn

“The Thrive Life is a book that lays out an easy plan for improving yourself.  The problem most people have is that they look at the whole elephant that is their life, become intimidated, and give up rather than taking one bite at a time.  The methods in this book may not work for everyone, but there are principles behind them that can be applied to almost any situation.  This is no “miracle-cure” for fixing one’s life, but it’s a great outline to get started.” – Christopher


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