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It’s here folks! Here is the link:

Here is the synopsis from the back of the book:

One of the most frightening things about life is that this is your only shot…you only get one. There are no re-dos and there are no pause buttons. With each passing minute you are changing and developing into a new person. Those minutes that pass are never coming back, and the choices you make from minute to minute are shaping the person you are becoming. What if you could take control of every choice, your every decision, and focus all that you are into becoming the person you want to be? What amazing things could you do? What impossibilities could you turn into accomplishments? Gone are the wasted days of wishing for greater things, and behind you are the days of shallow resolutions with no hope for real change. This is your wake-up call; this is your moment; this is your thrive life…and I am going to show you how to live it.

Here is a brief review from my Amazon editor:

“This is a clear, upbeat, step-by-step guide to making and implementing goals to improve your life. The process is well thought out, and the structure of the book presents the material in an easy-to-follow way. Your writing style is lively and fun to read, and your tone makes a daunting task feel doable. This is a solid piece of work. Congratulations!”

I look forward to many more reviews, and here is one early review from Dr. Robert Wubbolding, who served as director of the William Glasser Institute and The Center for Reality Therapy:

“Goal setting for many people is a shot in the dark – something we do with closed eyes and a vague sense of hope. Proper and successful goal setting is learned, and once it is learned, human beings have a much higher success rate. The Thrive Life uses advanced counseling theories and describes them in a way that is easy to understand and fun to read. Thomas Winterman presents a readable and practical book, a comprehensive guide for goal setting. He describes an engaging way to reach the goals. I urge the readers to read this book thoroughly, apply the principles, and watch your life change like never before!”
Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD
Center for Reality Therapy
Cincinnati Ohio

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